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  • Dealing-related information

    In compliance with the European Regulation on Market Abuse, RTL Group will publish all information pertaining to the said regulation as of 3 July 2016 on this web page.

    Management disclosures

    In compliance with the European Regulation on Market Abuse, the details of transactions by Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (PDMR) will be disclosed below:

    • Management disclosures in 2015
      No transactions
    • Management disclosures in 2016
      No transactions
    • Management disclosures in 2017
      No transactions
    • Management disclosures in 2018
      No transactions

    Closed periods

    RTL Group respects “closed periods” around financial results announcements.

    During the closed periods, Board members, Senior Management, employees and associates of RTL Group and its affiliates companies, as well as the persons closely associated with them are not allowed to buy or sell any shares issued by RTL Group, irrespective of whether they have inside information (i.e. information which is not public and which may have a significant impact on the price of the shares) or not.

    Press releases

    In accordance with the European Regulation on Market Abuse, as of 3 July 2016 RTL Group will also publish all press releases pertaining to inside information here. 

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